Solicitor Fees and Legal Costs

We offer a flat fee of £40 for an initial interview.

After that we charge an extremely competitive hourly rate of £180. Our service is second to none but our fees are very competitive because we tightly control our costs to give you better value for money.

At the free consultation as well as advising you in relation to your case we will tell you the likely cost of proceeding and all cost implications.

We accept monthly instalment payments towards fees and outlays. In cases where it is expected that a sum of money will be recovered for you we often agree to defer payment of our fees until that money is recovered.

We recognise that the cost of consulting a solicitor is a major worry for clients and we try to provide an efficient service with pragmatic advice bearing in mind all the cost implications of a legal dispute.

Legal Aid Costs

We offer a legal aid service and at the initial consultation we can explore whether you are entitled to assistance from the fund and advise upon this and if appropriate, make any relevant application.

To find out more please call us on 01333 730803 or e mail